For Homeowners

what to expect when building the home of your dreams

We are now becoming known for our finishing details and for working through those details with homeowners and designers to give them the custom product they deserve.We pride ourselves as being set apart from the rest in this way.

Building homes is not something we stumbled into. It’s been a long road of hard work in the same direction as we pursue our desire to be the best in the industry, and we'd like to extend our expertise to your project: to create the home of your dreams, so you can focus on the important things in life.

When we established Friesen Bros Construction Ltd., we considered all of the builders we had worked for over the years. We asked ourselves: If we were going to be builders in this extremely competitive and, at times, overwhelming industry, what did we want to be known for?

Our high appreciation for the finer details and for seeing every aspect of a job done well brought us to our answer: We have become a hardworking and enjoyable team who are becoming known for the highest quality jobs.

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Our Process

Concept & Design

From our initial meeting, we'll scope out your project and set a budget and schedule for your approval. We'll confirm the designer and architect for your renovation or custom build, draft up a Design Agreement and secure the deposit. We're ready to get started!


Plans & Permits

We'll refine your floor and engineering plans, revise the project scope and budget if necessary, and get the construction Agreement approved. We'll also take care of the necessary Permits so we can bring your dream home to life.


Build & Inspections

The building phase includes demolition, site preparation, construction and site meetings as needed to ensure your project is running smoothly and on time. We'll coordinate final inspections and a walk through before getting your home move-in ready.


Get Started

We’d love to hear about your project and see if we could be a good fit for your future home renovation or custom build.


How long do city permits take to secure?

Can you recommend a trusted interior designer or architect?

We are have worked with Miranda Wall Design since the very beginning. As our younger sister, she combines her knowledge about construction (from us and our dad) with keen interior design skills, industry experience and eye for current trends to provide valuable input at every stage. Her valuable input and designs factor in key components of construction which helps us work smoothly as a team. We have also had the opportunity to work with some great architects over the years.

This can vary from one municipality to the next and also depends on the project. Once the required information has been gathered from surveyors, engineers, architects and other professionals, we are ready to submit the project for permit(s). The pre-planning alone can take three to six months. After that stage, the actual wait time on the permit can be another three to eight months. We factor these timeframes into our build proposals so our clients are always aware of how long permits can take.

How long does a custom house build usually take?

We don't know where or how to start on our project! Can you help?

Absolutely! We understand that it can be a lot of work to design and build a house. Bringing us into the project at the very beginning can help make it an easy and fun process for you. With the right planning, we've seen that building a new house can actually be a journey to be enjoyed and experienced.

Depending on the size of the project and the various design elements that need to come together, a new build can take eight to sixteen months. Once we break ground, we like to have all design specifications confirmed and approved. This helps construction move along efficiently. If changes are made to the scope of the project, it can slow the timeframe down, although we make it a point to ensure you are aware of the timeline at every step of the way.